Flawless Summer Skin With 4 Products

    Summer is around the corner finally and I am super excited to share my tips with you for flawless summer skin with only 4 essential products. Don’t you agree that summer is the season to show off more skin and less makeup? As someone who has a super busy schedule, I was always looking for a skincare regime that did not require too many steps and also help my acne prone skin under control, especially in the summer. These 4 products have been my best friends for over 3 years. I seriously can’t live without them and I would love to share my secrets with you today.

    My first favorite product is this PH Normalizer from Skintelligence (Price: USD$18.95, CAD$25.04). This 240ml bottle can last you up to 6 months of usage for such an affordable price. Having a balance pH level is important to achieve flawless summer skin regardless of what skin type you have. When your pH level is off, your skin does not really absorb any of the products you use on your skin either.

    For someone who has super oily skin like me, this is the step that I cannot skip regardless of the season. I found that this product keeps my skin less oily and fresh throughout the day. The big bonus is that it does not contain any alcohol like a lot of toners out there. Over time, I have noticed a decrease in excess oil that my skin produces as well.

    This product only contains all the natural botanical extracts, it is also safe to use as a conditioner on your hair and your whole body. It helps me keep my oily hair under control in the summer as well.

    The second product I want to share with you today is a magic product. It is the Lumiere de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid (Price USD$61.95, CAD$81.85). For those of you who are struggling with acne spots, dark spots and skin pigmentation, and redness, this product is for you. After I was able to clear out most of my acnes, I had to deal with tons of dark spots and acne spots that are super difficult to remove quickly. This product has been helping me so much with those problematic areas.

    If used daily, this product can really show you instant results in less than 7 days. What I love the most about this serum is that it does more than just soothing and brighten up your skin. This serum also contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which is a vital moisturizer and lubricant found naturally in our skin. Hyaluronic acid provides superior, long-term hydration through its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This property of sodium hyaluronate also helps promote healthy skin elasticity and flexibility. Having this ingredient in your skincare helps ensure that your skin is getting enough hydration and when your skin is properly hydrated, it will also produce less oil. Plus, who doesn’t need hydration in the summer right?

    The third product that I usually use after prepping my skin with PH Normalizer from Skintelligence and treating it with Lumiere de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid is the Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentration (Price USD$86.95, CAD$114.88).

    If there is a product that I have to choose to go on a trip that can do the job of 5 or 10 other products out there, this is THE PRODUCT! Fully packed with many advanced, premium ingredients in the skin care industry right now, this concentrating serum has helped me clear out my acne in a much healthy way (no more salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide). I usually apply this on after the Lumiere de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid and I am good to go. I found that moisturizers in creamy texture often leave my face oily. However, this serum is super light on my skin and it helps my skin hydrated, firm and super smooth. Even after I remove my makeup at the end of the day, my skin still feels so amazing and smooth.

    Both serum bottles come with a pump so they are so easy to use and super travel-friendly.

    Last but not least, I want to talk about one of the best eye cream products that I have found. It’s the Lumiere de Vie Eye Balm (Price USD$44.95, CAD$59.39).

    First of all, let me tell you something. This eye balm is the bomb, especially for that price. I have never found such an eye cream that really delivers what it promises to deliver. Flawless summer skin also means you have to look vibrant and fresh. I love that this eye balm has light-diffusing pigments that instantly give you a flawless looking appearance. It does not leave my skin with any oily residue like a lot of eye cream products out there which helps my concealer go on smoothly and stay put throughout the day.

    That is it! Flawless summer skin with only 4 essential and super affordable products. Have you found your summer skin essentials? Share with me, please!

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    Mother’s Day Celebration at #STCBloomWithLove Flower MKRT

    If you are still looking for unique gifts for your mom or things to do this weekend for Mother’s Day, make sure to drop by Scarborough Town Centre and check out their FLOWER MKRT from May 11-14.

    Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend their VIP opening with a few amazing bloggers from Toronto and we had so much fun. When I first arrived at the mall yesterday, I couldn’t help but admire all the decorations that were prepared by the staff and vendors the night before because everything looks amazing.

    I love the fact this event is about promoting local business in Toronto. If you know me, you know I am all about supporting local business. Here, you will find everything that you will need to complete a perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day. Sometimes I wish my mom and I lived closer so I could take her out and enjoyed a mother & daughter’s date at this market. You should totally take your mom out and have some fun time this weekend at this event though. I also love the fact that most of these vendors build their business through social media and online stores. Most of them don’t have a storefront and pop-up events like this are such great opportunities for them to showcase their brand and their specialties.

    I was very impressed at how talented some of these vendors were. They had beautiful products to offer from handmade jewelry to handmade soap and gorgeous bouquets. Pandora and NYX Cosmetics were also there with their new collections.

    I think if my mom was here, she would totally love these beautiful mini succulents by @GREYLEAFCO. I had a short conversation with the two ladies who own this store and they were absolutely amazing. Check out their Instaram @GREYLEAFCO!

    The highlight of the day had to be our calligraphy class from Jenna, the owner of @PROSEANDFAWNS. Thank God she was so patient with us because I was not good at calligraphy at all. I guess us bloggers are on our phones and laptops way too much! Some of the blogger ladies were so good at it tho, especially Rebeca from WISHBONE AND CLOVER. I think I just have shaky hands! Yes, blame it on my shaky hands! 🙂 But we had a lot of fun learning about it. Feels like we are back in elementary school again!

    I forgot to mention that there were also live music, yummy food, a cotton candy machine from @FANCYPUF. AND You MUST check out the wall full of edible doughnuts! Such a brilliant idea! I took one home with me but still haven’t eaten it yet because it is just too pretty to eat. Have you ever had that problem?

    If you have absolutely no time to shop for you mom (although you should make time for her), you can always come to this market and grab her one of these pretty bouquets or a teacup of flowers.

    I had a lot of fun yesterday so I hope you will too this weekend. Thank you for having us Scarborough Town Centre and can’t wait to see all of these amazing vendors at their next pop-up shows!

    Credit of photos goes to POND’S END PRODUCTIONS




    Why do we need to give up certain things in our life in order to achieve success?

    Let me tell you about my biggest fear in life! My biggest fear is waking up one day realizing that my life has not changed and I am at the exact same place as I was in the past. My biggest fear is going through life knowing that I have the ability to be great, to do more and I chose not to live up to my potentials. My biggest fear is not being able to tell the world one day that I have once succeeded in something. Because of these reasons, I want to share with you 10 of the valuable lessons I have learned on my way to find success.

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