5 Geek-Chic Glasses Ideas For A Boss Babe

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Today on my blog, I want to share with you a 5 glasses ideas for a boss babe. I have a weird obsession with reading glasses since I was little. I used to think wearing glasses will make me look smarter. These days, I still love the idea that wearing glasses can make me look smarter, but I also want my glasses to make me look chic and cool. For those of you who agree, I am sharing this post with you.

    One of the glasses stores that I love to visit is GLASSES SHOP.COM, they have a lot of ‘geek chic’ styles of glasses. This pair of glasses I am wearing here is my favorite one from their site.

    What I love the most about this website is that their glasses are super affordable and they always update new styles. You will always be up to date with the trends with GLASSES SHOP.COM . (Follow my LINK if you want to also receive 6% CASHBACK on your purchase & also to get the code to get your FIRST PAIR FOR FREE)

    The shipping takes a bit longer (around 2-3 weeks for me). If you are not in a rush, this website is perfect because I don’t think you can get the same style of glasses at your local glasses store for less than $50. Yes, you heard it! My pair of glasses here costs me less than $50! I believe that they do offer Express Shipping Option as well if you really want to speed up the process.

    For those of you who are looking for a similar style to mine, here are a few options for you:

    1. Alice Oval

    2. Flynn Round

    For those of you who are not too fond of the clear frame styles, I have a few other styles for you:

    3. Myers Oval

    4. Cedar Aviator

    5. Dawn Oval 

    Which pair is your favourite? Please comment below!

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    How To Style Your Outdoor Space This Summer

    Summer is finally here! Summer is the season of outdoor activities, BBQ, ice-cream and cold lemonade. Today, I want to share with you just a few additional items that can be added to your existing outdoor space. I can’t wait to see you turn your outdoor space into the best place to hang this summer!


    As I mentioned, summer is a great season to get together with some cold drinks and yummy BBQ. We always hope for the sun to stay with us a lot longer in the summer, but how many of you would you want your outdoor parties to last until the night? Who knows a little touch of light can totally bring a new summer vibe to your outdoor space. If you are one of those who thinks string lights are only for December when Christmas is approaching, think again!

    Check out the following ideas on outdoor lights that I have for you!



    How about making a fire without a flame? Loving this idea from

    One of my favorite stores to shop for outdoor light is Wayfair.

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    This season, Wayfair has a ton of cute and super affordable items that can make your outdoor a perfect space for all summer outdoor activities.

    Shop for outdoor & string lights this season HERE



    Whether you have a small or big outdoor space, an outdoor rug will definitely bring in the coziness that you are looking for. There are so many stores that offer chic and affordable outdoor rugs out there. Check out some inspirations that I have saved for you!





    This is NOT a sponsored post but I always love to recommend people to stores that I love and that are affordable for everyone and of course, I have to talk about Wayfair again! My best friend just got two indoor rugs from them and they are perfect so I hope you can find something that you love at Wayfair as well. What I love the most is they have quick shipping and outstanding customer service!

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    Lipidol Facial & Body Oil Review

    I recently got introduced to Lipidol and their facial and body oil products and I have to say that I am pretty impressed. Today, I want to share my review and experience on Lipidol products with you.

    For years, I thought that if you have oily and acne prone skin, you need to stay away from products that are oil based, just to find out that I was only half right. I have been hearing people talking about cleansing oil for a long time but I was so confused. I wasn’t sure if cleansing oil was a good fit for my skin until I found out about Lipidol. So, why is it actually a good thing to use good quality oil in your skincare routine? It is because sometimes the weather, our everyday skincare products (especially acne skincare products), our indoor heat and AC, can really take away your skin’s natural moisture and hydration. However, not all oil is good for your skin so it is better to look for products that are specially made for skincare and non-comedogenic such as Lipidol products.

    Lipidol is actually from the same maker of Bio-Oil. What I love most about Lipidol is that they offer products for both your face and your body. Sometimes, we focus too much on the face and neglect your body. Soap and body gel/shampoo can strip off the natural oil and moisture of your skin as well.


    I use Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil to help remove all the dirt and makeup and excess oil. I like to use this product before using my favorite Timeless Prescription Exfoliating Facial Cleanser With Enzymes. I add a little of this on your palm and mix it with a little bit of water, the oil will emulsify to form a watery creamy texture and remove all the dirt and makeup my skin without giving it a tight and tingling feeling.


    After I pre-cleanse my face with Lipidol Face Cleansing Oil and wash my face again with Timeless Prescription Exfoliating Facial Cleanser With Enzymes, I apply this overnight oil on my skin and make sure I massage the oil evenly on my face. What I love about this oil is that it dries very fast and leaves my skin soft and supple. I have only used this for a week and have not experienced any shine or oiliness in the morning. The bonus is this product has the best smell out of the whole line.


    Just like how I pre-cleanse my face, I pre-cleanse my body with this cleansing oil. This cleansing body oil is infused with lime essential oils.  I am not a big fan of the smell of this product but I really like how my skin feels after using it. I recommend doing this in the shower so it’s not too messy. I use it just like how I would use a shower gel. This oil actually emulsifies and lathers up.


    I love love love this last product here. Make sure to apply the after shower oil when your skin is still a bit wet! Fragranced by Camomille essential oils, this product has a light to almost no scent which is great for those of you who are allergic or not a fan of strong scent from most essential oils. This product is great for those of you who always feel that your skin gets very dry after each shower.

    Have you tried these products yet? What have you experienced so far? Please comment and share with me!