Grow Your Online Empire With Me!

Hello gorgeous,

Are you here because you want to build a successful brand online, getting paid to blog and getting sponsored by all the top brands in the beauty and fashion industry?

Are you here because you start a business and seem confused about how to market your brand and bring it to the next level?

I am here to help!

Why Am I A Good Fit For You?

Just like you, I started from scratch! 

4 years ago, I decided to pursue my goals and dreams and started my own online business while still working a full-time corporate job. I knew nothing about blogging, branding or social media. The only social media platform I had was Facebook and it was only because I needed to keep in touch with friends and family. In order for me to build and create the platform that I have today, I had to put in a lot of days and nights learning by myself and going through many trials and errors. I walked away from my corporate job two years ago because my online business started to bloom. Today, I am a full-time entrepreneur, running two e-commerce and digital marketing businesses.

Looking back, I am glad I went through what I went through because I now can guide and help you with the shortcuts that I found!

Just like you, I went through all the “I am so frustrated and overwhelmed! I am not sure if I can do this” kinda moments…(like several times a day)

Being in business is hard. Being a female entrepreneur is even harder! I can’t recall how many days and nights that I was so close to the idea of giving up on my own venture and just settling with a 9-5 corporate job. I totally know how you feel! I can totally relate. Working with me also means having a support and accountability system. You no longer have to feel so alone on this entrepreneurial journey! I will teach and guide you not from numbers and data but from my own experience and my own mistake.

Just like you, I am very passionate about supporting and helping other women in business!

Money has never been my main focus. If you are a client that has a chance to sit down with me during a consultation, you will know that your success is my priority. The reason why I started this consulting journey is that I am passionate about helping and building a community of women supporting women. I truly believe that there is enough room at the top for all of us and the only way any of us can succeed is to help and empower one another.

What can I do for you?

  1. Assist you with branding & social media strategy
  2. Create step by step action plan for you to take your business or your brand to the next level
  3. Provide Digital Marketing Solutions (SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Content Writing..etc)
  4. Connect you with a community Of brands, bloggers, female entrepreneurs and a network of businesses that will benefit you and your brand

So, where do you start?

Send me an e-mail and let’s get things rolling for you!

Talk to you soon!